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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

An angry aunty : a Whistleblowing Woman with a niece at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

An unnamed Brisbane woman has alleged that her 19-year-old niece was r_ped while training at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

A commanding officer told her niece to "suck it up".

"And when it looked like she was going to pursue the charges, her partner at the time was in another defence force and his career was threatened."

The s_xual assault was so bad that her niece was admitted to hospital.

The aunty alleged that her niece was not the only victim of the "boys club" culture at the ADF academy.

"When she was in hospital she met another young girl who had been r_ped twice and she was still continuing because her life's dream was to be in the army."

She said her niece ended up leaving the army.

The aunty said she was not surprised by new allegations that a male cadet at the ADF academy filmed himself having s_x with the 18-year-old fellow cadet, streaming the vision to six other cadets in another room.

"I can tell by what's happened to this present young woman that it hasn't changed an iota.

And why should it?

Because there is no consequence to them," she said.

Three more women come forward claiming ADF s_x abuse cover-ups after webcam scandal , Andrew Banks and Jessica Craven, Ian McPhedran of the Herald Sun,, 8 April 2011 :