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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

Cally Wilson : a Whistleblowing Woman in Energex.

Whistleblower Cally Wilson, 33, has been a treasury analyst for seven years in the private and public sectors.

She was Energex's sole treasury analyst responsible for cashflow forecasting, financial risk management and liquidity management.

She gained a Bachelor of International Business and Economics at Griffith University in 2007 and is completing a Master's degree.

She is also a member of the Sydney University of Technology Honour Society for outstanding academic achievement.

But when Cally Wilson blew the whistle, Energex tried to discredit her as a "junior" analyst.

Cally first raised her concerns about Energex's internal practices in 2013.

She had discovered that her name was being used by a colleague to authorise financial documents without her knowledge.

Cally later listed 20 practices of concern that she believed had opened Energex, a government-owned corporation, to a higher risk of fraud.

No action was taken.

In March 2013, Cally sent this list to Energy Minister Mark McArdie's office.

This did seem to prompt some action.

In December 2013, Cally wrote to the Energex managers, warning that the risks directly impacted her position - she could be held accountable.

In September 2014, Cally became concerned that Energex staff had manipulated data in modelling as the company looked for ways to boost revenue.

"Energex were looking at tactics to make sure the WACC (targeted weighted average cost of capital) remained as high as possible to ensure revenues also remained high," Cally said.

"I was asked to find a rate that would support management's target."

"This is called reverse engineering."

Reverse Engineering may be good for the Energex shareholders, but it is not good for Energex customers.

This time Cally took her disclosure to The Courier-Mail.

She also plans to write to the regulator with her allegations.

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