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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

Legal Advice for Whistleblowing Women.

Please note that the editor of Whistleblowing Women has no legal knowledge and cannot endorse any particular solicitor.

Please use your own judgement.

The editor has no financial relationship with any company mentioned on this website.

Sugath Wijedoru, Maurice Blackburn, Brisbane, Peter Koutsoukis, Maurice Blackburn, Brisbane and Ian Brown, Maurice Blackburn, Browns Plains.

Sugath Wijedoru , senior associate at Maurice Blackburn, is acting for Whistleblowing Woman Toni Hoffman.

Mr Wijedoru said the toll on Toni Hoffman had been immense and she suffered anxiety and depression.

Maurice Blackburn's senior partner Peter Koutsoukis said Toni Hoffman had been treated "abysmally, even though she saved lives".

"To Australians, Toni Hoffman is a hero. She has won awards for her courage to stand up and raise concerns about the nation's biggest medical scandal, and yet Queensland Health has failed in its duty of care to help her to recover from her ordeal and get on with her life.

"Since mid 2008 when Dr Patel returned to Australia to face trial, Toni Hoffman has continued to suffer psychologically and financially because of her role in exposing his activities at Bundaberg Hospital.

"She continues to work in the intensive care unit where she witnessed many traumatic situations.

She asked to work in another area at the Bundaberg hospital but this request was ignored.

She was not offered any ongoing psychological support other than the Employee Assistance Program which is offered as a matter course to all staff.

A request for special leave to attend Dr Patel's trial was denied, and she had to use annual leave," said Mr Koutsoukis.

"After all the sacrifices she has made and her service to Qld Health in exposing Dr Patel and the flaws at Qld Health that allowed him to work at Bundaberg Hospital, she deserves to be treated with respect.

"Her claim for $400,000 includes past and future loss of income, medical expenses and loss of superannuation income.

Ms Hoffman said, "I'm taking this legal action as a last resort and it could have been avoided if Qld Health had listened to my concerns at the start.

This whole thing has nearly killed me and I can't afford the kind of intensive help I need to recover properly.

I want QLD Health to acknowledge the distress and effect this whole episode has had on my wellbeing and adequately compensate me for all of my loss which will allow me to address my issues and move on with my life."

Ian Brown , Maurice Blackburn principal has also represented 200 former patients of Dr Patel's before the Commissions of Inquiry and in the victims' successful compensation claims against the State of Queensland.

Josh Bernstein at Maurice Blackburn, Melbourne.

Josh Bornstein, a principal at Maurice Blackburn, is acting for Kirsty Fletcher, who blew the whistle on Airservices Australia.

Josh Bernstein said Ms Fletcher's case was not just about an aberrant individual, but about an unhealthy workplace culture.

After what Ms Fletcher alleges were years of workplace bullying, abuse and discrimination, she made a formal complaint.

But a female manager seems to have claimed that Ms Fletcher had withdrawn her complaint.

"When we got the results of the investigation, I discovered that the female manager, who my instincts told me was a really nice person, had made a false report," Ms Fletcher said.

Ms Fletcher lodged a sex discrimination lawsuit in the Federal Court.

Ms Fletcher has vowed not to accept a settlement that may impose a confidentiality clause.

"They had taken so much away from me, I just felt my integrity was not for sale and they weren't going to get that," she said.

She worries the legal fight could bankrupt her family, but the mother of two young daughters said she was standing up on principle.

"I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do this," Ms Fletcher said.

They won't control me again, Robyn Riley, Sunday Herald Sun, 21 August 2011 

Sean Ryan at Turner Freeman Lawyers, Brisbane.

Solicitor Sean Ryan, from Turner Freeman Lawyers , is taking Jessie Holgersson's case to Fair Work Australia.

Sian Ryan claims that Jessie is being adversely treated because she raised a Workplace Health and Safety issue.

Trainee flight attendant accuses Qantas of sacking her for raising OH&S issues, Tim Vollmer, The Daily Telegraph, 6 December 2010.