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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

A woman cleaner blows the whistle on QBuild supervisor's alleged fraud.

Glenn William Pelgrave, a QBuild supervisor, allegedly stole $300,000 over the three years 2009-2012, using fake invoices for work at up to 20 Queensland schools and three government centres.

The work was allegedly either never performed or performed by separate contractors.

More than 300 invoices were allegedly made out to a company called Maitland (QLD) Pty Ltd, whose director was Pelgrave's former neighbour Robert Hunter who was also charged with fraud.

Mr Hunter once lived with Pelgrave.

Police claim Pelgrave's scheme was exposed when he asked a woman cleaner to send QBuild an invoice for private work she had done at his home.

It is not really clear if the woman worked for QBuild.

The woman cleaner blew the whistle.

She also lodged a complaint against Pelgrave.

QBuild ordered an investigation and uncovered the alleged rort.

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