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Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

Whistleblowing Women : two nurses at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital

Dr Zoran Radovic worked under special licence at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital from 2003 until December 2011, during which time he repeatedly failed to pass the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists' exemption candidate examinations.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital retained the psychiatrist on staff for eight years before he was finally deregistered.

The Daily understands that two nurses, one of whom contributed to whistleblower complaints raised in parliament by Nicklin MP Peter Wellington, have been stood down by The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.

Queensland Health whistleblower Jo Barber said nurses and members of the public were accorded whistleblower protection if the information they disclosed related to vulnerable people.

Dr Peter Herbert, a visiting medical officer to the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, is the spokesman for the Sunshine Coast whistleblowing group that now includes doctors, nurses and psychiatrists.

He accused the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital this week of harassing nurses in its ward 3c mental health unit, who he said had battled for years to have the hospital address very real concerns.

Dr Herbert said it was unlikely the two nurses stood down would ever work in the hospital again.

He said other staff were being questioned about their association with the two nurses and were in fear for their own jobs.

Hospital general manager Terence Seymour said he was not aware of any staff member claiming whistleblower status.

"The recent action taken by TSCPH in relation to staff suspensions was in response to allegations of behaviour at work, which if substantiated would breach our Code of Conduct and our values."

CMC advised: nurses dumped, Bill Hoffman, 27 June 2012 :